“Adopt a Tree” campaign

ANSBACH, Germany – DPW Building & Grounds (B&G) divison, together with the Cross Functional Team (CFT), is considering a garrison-wide “Adopt a Tree” campaign. Due to the unusually long drought in 2018 and the continued dry season in 2019, many trees of USAG Ansbach will need to be regularly irrigated to survive the expected hot summer temperatures this year. As such, DPW would like to implement an initiative similar to a campaign that has already been established in Nürnberg called “Baumpatenschaft” (Tree sponsorship).

What does ‘tree sponsorship’ mean?
As a tree sponsor, you would agree to take care of a certain tree or trees that you have selected in your neighborhood or in your backyard.
– You would be responsible for irrigating the tree regularly, especially during the summer drought. Young and middle-aged trees need a lot of water. If it’s dry for longer than a week and temperatures are high, you should water them with one or two full watering cans per day. Alternatively, you can also irrigate the root area of trees once a week in the late evening with the garden hose for about 30 to 45 minutes. This amount, about 300 liters/80 gallons, will last for a few days.
– You can use the open soil around the tree to plant various flowers of your choosing and maintain them.
– You make sure to clean up and weed the soil area if necessary.
– You can fence in the open soil space around the tree (max. height 1 foot) – sit down with your family and construct a fence out of precut wood, dead branches or other materials that you can paint with different colors or decorate with beads or colorful cords.

The tree branch cutting, maintenance and control of the tree is still the responsibility of DPW and will be conducted by the tree experts of the Garrison.

What are the benefits of adopting a tree?
– You can beautify the direct surroundings of your home and thus increase the quality of life in your neighborhood.
– Gardening can be fun: be creative when planting, enjoy the fresh air and relax in the space that you created!
– DPW would post a tree sponsorship sign making the engagement visible to the community.
– It boosts biodiversity: Trees provide a food source and shelter for many animals. You would directly help to preserve the environment and nature.
– The planted soil space would at-tract additional bees and butterflies to the area, which is great to look at.
– DPW could save labor hours if they have less trees to irrigate them-selves.
– Fencing in the open area around the trees would help protect it.
– Tree partners can borrow tools and other equipment from the on-post Self-help store.

If you or your family would be interested in becoming a tree partner and want to support a possible campaign look out for more information in the coming weeks. Please contact EMD at 09802-83-3424 if you have any questions about the initiative or if you have any ideas or recommendations.

Story by Pia Amberger (USAG Ansbach Environmental Division)

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