NOTICE: Scheduled maintenance to cause electrical outages beginning July 18

ANSBACH, Germany (July 11, 2017) – The Directorate of Public Works is scheduled to conduct maintenance checks of electrical transformer stations between July 18 and Sept. 30, which will cause scheduled electrical outages to buildings near transformer stations.

Affected buildings will have notices posted on the entrance doors several days prior to the planned outage.

Secondary effects include the following:

  • Heat and hot water will be unavailable. Cold water will in general continue to be available.
  • AFN television and radio and TKS television are on the schedule and will be down for short periods.
  • Smaller telephones may not have backup power and may not work, but German telephones and military telephone systems and data networks should continue working. Contact the 102nd Signal Battalion offices at 0981-183-7508 or DSN 468-7508 or 0981-183-7563 or DSN 467-7563 for information regarding network and telephone availability, especially if you have to conduct a critical task during the scheduled shutdown.
  • Following restoration of power, customers and users should verify critical systems like freezers or mission-essential systems are functioning after electrical power is restored.
  • It is possible power will be restored earlier than stated in the schedule. For safety reasons, please be aware that even during the scheduled outage periods, the power could come back at any time.

The scheduled times are the estimated maximal times needed, assuming nothing unforeseen occurs.

For an overview of shutdowns, scroll to the bottom of this article.

For more information, call the Electrical Branch of the Operations and Maintenance Division at 09802-83-2222 or DSN 467-2222.

Here is an overview of scheduled electrical outage by kaserne, building number, date, and beginning and end time of electrical outage. A more detailed notice will be posted at the entrance of the affected buildings.

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